Leadpages, What is a landing page?

Landing pages (lead pages) are pages that only have one goal, namely to realize a conversion moment. This can be: The retrieval of information from the visitors. Think of: company name, name, address, telephone, email address or the realization of a sale of a service or product. People often come (countries) on this page from google, banners, Facebook ads or Google Adwords campaigns.

What does a landing page look like?

A landing page is a page that you can or can not scroll depending on the purpose of the page. This landing page you recognize by the fact that there is focus on one thing and that is a sale or registration (collection of customer data). The landing page always contains a number of elements that give the reader the most important elements of the product or service. Below you can see an example of a landing page. This landing page is aimed at getting leads for the brokerage.

What are the benefits of a Landing Page?

The biggest and most important advantage of a landing page (opt-in page) is that these ensure a high conversion. What do we mean by this? Because the landing page only has one specific purpose and does not allow any distractions (eg: social media buttons, contact page, about us page) this ensures a higher conversion, more registrations or registrations compared to a standard page on your website. We also call a landing page a squeeze page. Below is an example of a very simple landing page with only 1 button (1 CTA call to action). The advantage of a simple landing page is that it often converts well.


What should a landing page meet?

A landing page must at least meet the following requirements.
* Title
* Subtitle
* The product itself
* CTA (call to action)
* Benefits
* Customer reviews
* Trust logos
Below is another example in which you clearly come to the following topics: Title, subtitle, product itself, CTA. Reviews and trust logos are not included in this example.

Tips for a successful landing page

If you want to make the perfect landing page you have to take into account several elements. View here under the checklist for a good landing page.
* traffic
* target audience
* statue
* trust

Traffic: A landing page without traffic will not take you so you will have to open all channels to generate traffic to the landing page. You can use the following channels to generate direct traffic. Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Youtube ads etc etc. ATTENTION: traffic does not say anything about the success of a landing page.

Target group: Traffic is good but the target group is the most important thing. If you can defend your target group and reach them through the aforementioned paid channels, then you are successful. After all, you know that you have compiled your landing page for a specific target group and that these are coming on your website. Nowadays you can perfectly target ads to your target group via Google and Facebook.

Image: Before people come to your website they see something that triggers them. This can be a text (think of google adwords) or a banner, image or video (think of Google display banners or Facebook ads). It is important that they fit together. So the text on the landing page must be an addition to the previously displayed text on the advertisement. It is best to match images, colors of logo between advertisement and landing page.

Trust: A successful landing page has trust logos on the landing pages. This can be trademarks, logos (for example BOVAG logo) but also for example organizations that you work for. Bank logos (payment methods) also give a form of trust. You may also include customer reviews under trust. We blindly go for positive words from other people who say something positive about a company. A photo of the person giving the review creates even more trust.

How do you make an irresistible title for your landing page?

When people come to your landing page for the first time, it is important that you immediately contact the visitor and know how to trigger them? How do you do that. Below I will tell you a way that you can use time after time to make a strong title. You can also apply this technique to titles on an ebook or use it for a blog post.

The technique: make sure that the following elements are named in the title.
* The pain
* A promise
* The solution
* The time frame in which you solve something
* The end result that people experience after your offer

Below is an example: Discover how you can get rid of your hernia within 14 days with these special exercises and get painless again.
* The pain (hernia)
* Promise (guaranteed)
* The solution (these special exercises)
* Time frame (within 14 days)
* End result (painless rise)

If you use this method every time you will see that it is very easy to make a super good title for your landing page, ebook or blog post.

When do you, as an entrepreneur, have to use a landing page?

Do you, as an entrepreneur, need a landing page? The answer is: Yes! I will try to explain it below. Every entrepreneur, company, freelancer has a conversion moment. This is the moment the customer says yes to you. My question is to see where that moment takes place. This can be during a physical conversation at the table or a telephone contact or perhaps an online order. My question is how do you get where the customer decides.

Example: You want to sell your house and are looking for a broker. Where do you decide that the broker may sell your property? Probably not online or after a telephone contact. You often decide to work with the broker if you have seen or spoken to him. So the conversion moment of the broker takes place at your kitchen table.
What can you do now as a broker to get to the table with the customer? For example, a broker could create a button on his website with the text “free valuation of your home”, then the customer clicks on this and he arrives at a landing page. There the customer can only do one thing. That is, to fill in data. Below an example of this. So it does not matter everyone needs a landing page to realize a sale (to come to a conversion moment)

Sell ​​your ebook with a landing page

Before you sell a service or product, it is wise to first build trust. You can do this by giving valuable information to the reader. This gives the reader a good feeling about you and your company. So my advice is not to sell something directly but to give something first. A good example can be an ebook. You can sell an ebook but also give away for free. What is the best? That is different for everyone. Landing page are the perfect way to offer your ebook. Everything is only about the ebook. View an example below. This template can be found in the back office of lead pages.


How do you make a landing page?

You can have a landing page tailor-made by a website builder or a techie who is familiar with writing code or html. Nowadays, however, you are no longer dependent on these parties because with contemporary technology you can make the landing page all by yourself (real time). In fact, they all use a drag and drop builder nowadays, making the making of landing pages for everyone.

What does a landing page cost?

The costs per landing page are quite different because it depends on a number of factors. Think of the software used, but also the time you are working on it or other techniques that you apply to this landing page. I have already heard several awards from 450, -euro to 1795, -euro?

What is leadpages?

Leadpages is one of the best known and most widely used software for making landing pages worldwide. With this software everyone is able to make his landing page or even mini website. You do not need any design knowledge to use leadpages. Anyone can work with this software.

How does leadpages work?

In the image below, I show you how to easily create a landing page.

Leadpages prices, costs

What does leadpages cost? I think something else. What does it give me as a company, entrepreneur or zzp’r to work with landing pages and lead pages? If you choose to work with this software you will see that your results go up. This can be requests, sales or leads, it does not matter but these will increase (depending on your offer). If you want to make conversion-increasing pages for your products or services, you can try Leadpages for free for 14 days. Check it here.

Create leadpages website

Can you make a website (mini website) with leadpages? Another advantage of lead pages is that you can also easily create a mini website. Below you can see a number of examples of these mini sites. You can make this for yourself but you can also sell them very easily. These mini sites are ready and can be set up in your desired corporate style with just a few clicks. A child can do the laundry. See below an example of mini websites made with Leadpages. Click on the image to make it larger.

Leadpages wordpress

How do you link lead pages to wordpress? The big advantage of lead pages is that you can link it to wordpress. WordPress is the largest platform for creating websites worldwide. Leadpages has created a plugin (software) with which you can link your landing page to your wordpress website in 2 steps. So you do not have to make strange freaks, but you can immediately publish your landing page on your website. See here how you do that. The leadpages plugin can be found in the back office of Leadpages.

Leadpages links (zapier)

The information that you collect with Leadpages can be linked to your existing systems. Below an overview of all packages where you can join Leadpages.

* Lead notifications (directly in your mailbox or from the customer)
* Aweber
* Mailchimp
* ConvertKit
* Infusionsoft
* Ontraport
* Sendreach
* Icontact
* Getresponse
* 1shopping cart
* Constant Contact
* Mad Mimi
* Interspire
* Hubspot
* Salesforce
* Active Campaign
* Marketo
* Emma
* Custom HTML (always linked)
* Go to webinar
* Drip

Linking leadpages to Zapier

Another big advantage is that you can also link Leadpages to Zapier. This immediately creates more than 1000+ possibilities to link Leadpages. View the links that Zapier offers

A / B Splittests landing pages with lead pages

How do you increase the conversion on a landing page? If you have made a landing page, it is important to look at the conversion of these pages. What do I mean by this. If you get 100 visitors to your landing page and 1% subscribes then you have 1 conversion. So if you get 200 visitors on your page then you have 2 registrations. My advice is not to look at the number of visitors but whether you can do something about the conversion. If you can increase the conversion by 1%, you are talking about doubling the number of registrations. How do you increase the conversion? Very simple by splitting. This is very easy to realize in lead pages. You pick up your landing page and you indicate that you want to spell this. A copy is automatically made of the page in which you make an adjustment. For example, adjusting the color of CTA call to action button. The system then automatically distributes the visitors to the 2 pages. Then you can see exactly in your dashboard which page scores best.
If you have chosen the best landing page, you can then also set up a splitting test to get to the best page.

Leadpages Leadbox what is it?

You know it. You are reading on a website and you want to leave the website and suddenly you get a pop-up box (leadbox) in front of you. With the question whether you want to register for the newsletter or whether you want to receive a free valuable ebook or want to participate in playful action. Irritating or not, but it works super and often provides a mega conversion. What is the advantage of a pop-up? The visitor of your website has actually already decided to leave your website but in this way you as an entrepreneur still do everything to ask if you can help him or her.

Leadbox possibilities.

Leadbox can be activated in various ways. I’ll show you some examples of how to activate this leadbox below.
This can be done by having someone click on a link. (click on this link) CLICK HERE

This can be done by clicking on a button  CLICK HERE FOR AN EXAMPLE

This can be done by clicking on the images below


You can do this by moving your mouse upwards and pretending to leave your page. (now not set because you can not activate all techniques at the same time)
This can be done by setting a time when this pop up leadbox should appear. (now not set because you can not activate all techniques at the same time)
So if you want to make your blog interactive, Leadpages is highly recommended.

Leadpages Lead Magnet

A very important advantage of Leadpages is that it gives you the possibility to have the system send an e-mail directly to the customer. Example: You register by filling in your name and email address and then Leadpages automatically sends an email with your desired details. Because of this you do not need an automail responder. This mail is simply sent from your name.

Landing pages examples

Below I put a number of examples of landing pages that convert well in a row. These are examples of lead pages themselves and you can also use them. Leadpages has tested these landing pages through and through so that you can be assured that your landing pages will convert well. You can easily customize them with your own text, logo and images. Leadpages has the following categories by default. Below you can see a number of examples per category. However, these are only a few. Many more templates are waiting for you in the back office.
About us and bio pages

  • Author pagesCheck out pages
  • Consultant pages
  • Action or giveaway pages
  • Event pages
  • Free download pages
  • Lead generation pages
  • Mini website pages
  • Subscribe to newsletter pages
  • Offer, discount or coupon pages
  • Sell ​​pages
  • Thank you pages
  • Upsell or bonus pages
  • Coming soon pages
  • Webinar pages

About us and bio

Author page

Check out page

Consultant page

Action or giveaway page

Event page

Free download page

Lead generation page

Mini website page

Subscribe newsletter page

Offer, discount or coupon page

Sales page

Thank you page

Upsell or bonus page

Coming soon page

Webinar page

The video below is a summary of the text above

Experiences Leadpages

My experiences with Leadpages are super. I have been a Leadpages user for more than 4 years and I really could not live without it. In the meantime I have made more than 154 landing pages (built) and it is still nice to do that with software you can rely on. So I give Leadpages a good review? Yes for me more than 5 stars.

Try leadpages, trial

Do you think after reading this info, Yes I would like to try this then you can use this link or the button below the software 14 days for free try. You also receive support from leadpages and you get access to a whole libary of videos in which they explain step by step how everything works. But I am convinced that you do not need these videos because it all speaks for itself. A lot of success and pleasure with making your first lead page landing page.